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Power Washing Basics

Power washing has dozens of purposes as an agent for removing unwanted materials from your home. It can cut through everything from dirt to loose paint from siding. What makes power washing machines so dynamic is the ability to adjust the psi of water exiting the hose. Household power washers generally have a variable range between 500 and 30,000 psi or more. You can make adjustments to the psi with the unloader valve, which will then hit the mark on your desired power.

All types of power washers will include a motor to drive the water through the nozzle. Lower power washers use cold tap water, and electricity as their energy source. They're a great solution if you're doing work indoors or in an area that requires minimal exhaust. The more powerful options use gasoline to generate power. Gasoline fueled washers can double the washing force over electric due to the amount of power it can output.

There are usually a couple accessories that will come with your power washing machine to allow you to adjust the shape of water exiting the hose. The shapes generally boil down to two versions, which release water in the shape of a fan or a cone. Along with the water shaping, you can attach a line to introduce a chemical liquid to the spray. A common detergent generally aids in the cleaning process if you're working on removing grime or mold.

Power washers can be extremely dangerous machines if not handled properly. The water leaving the nozzle loses it's velocity the farther it gets from the source, but the force generated upon exit can remove skin and flesh if fired too close to your body.

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