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Common Areas Requiring Power Washing

Since power washers are so powerful they're useful for cleaning nearly anything outdoors. Utilizing the variable water rate on the nozzle you can freely clean multiple surfaces without damage concerns. Decks are probably one of the most common uses for power washing other than the siding on your home. In order to preserve the long term quality of an outdoor deck most consumers will apply a water sealant on a yearly basis to protect the wood. This presents a major problem once you need to reapply the protectant. Using a high power washer allows you to remove all the old sealant without destroying the wood it's meant to protect.

After repeated use, concrete driveways acquire a substantial amount of dirt, grime, oil, and other debris. Using a power washer once a year on a paved surface will keep these agents from building up and damaging the surface.

Vinyl siding is one of the most common types of siding used on homes in America due to it's durability and lifespan. If you have a part of your home that generally sits in the shade you may notice mold growth, especially in wet climates. Power washers utilizing a detergent are perfect for removing this growth, and preventing it from reoccurring in a short time frame.

Washing the outside of your home by hand can take hours of hard work. Lightly power washing your windows can work in the same fashion as a self service car wash. You can hook up a detergent line with soap, and then use the water to rinse away removed grime and debris. It's especially useful on those second story windows!

Common household items that are repeatedly exposed to dirt and grime are perfect opportunities to break the power washer out.

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