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Professional vs. DIY Power Washing

At first glance, you might think a tough cleanup job outside the house could be done yourself with a rented power washer, but there are several circumstances that would require a professional approach. One of the forgotten calculations when deciding to DIY or hire is the opportunity cost of your own labor. Complexity of the task aside, if you consider how much your own time is worth it may be more cost effective to hire a professional vs. renting and spending the afternoon tackling the job.

One of the more common reasons it may make more sense to hire a power washer is the fact that they must follow extremely strict EPA regulations, which a company renting the equipment may not be as likely to follow. If you're using a detergent or commercial cleaner to tackle mold or grime it can seep into the soil around the base of your home, or worse, leak into the home itself. If you live in an urban environment you also run the risk of contaminating a clean water source if the job is not done professionally.

If you hire a licensed and insured power washing service you don't run the risk of any out of pocket expenses should something go wrong. Even with homeowners insurance most insurance providers will not cover self inflicted damage to the home with a power washing device. Hiring a professional removes this risk in the unlikely event things go south.

Falling in line with the opportunity cost of doing the labor yourself, it may be much more time and cost efficient to hire a professional. Time and experience do pay dividends for this type of task. If you're tackling an especially problematic clean up job such as mold or mildew you'll want to make sure you prevent the return of the substance for as long as possible. Hiring a professional service can offer you the best opportunity to fend off the substances in the long term, and it's possible they can direct you to another contractor or service to aid in long term prevention.

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